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 Learn about Calorie Density, the key to weight management.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without Using Sugar presented by Chef AJ & John Pierre at Northwest VEG's Portland VegFest on September 22, 2013.  

Chef AJ welcomes Dr. Hans Diehl, and prepares healthy recipes that satisfy your sweet tooth without using sugar! 


Chef AJ creates a healthy spin on some old diner classics - burgers, chili, and shakes. 

  This dish is so delicious you'll never miss the pasta! It's one of Chef AJ's favorite one pan meals especially when the weather is hot.




Chef AJ would like to thank Dr. Alan Goldhamer, Dr. Doug Lisle and Dr. John McDougall for teaching her how to become skinny. 

 A good sauce to make veggies taste great while you're getting used to eating lots of them.

 Instead of always chasing recipes, think about how to put together healthy, simple and delicious meals. Choose a starch, a veggie and a sauce.

Most people coat veggies with oil before roasting. Not necessary. Learn how to make nicely cartelized roasted veggies without oil. 

Sauteed Tofu can be a wonderful addition to many dishes, especially sautéed vegetables? See how he does it, then modify to your taste.  

   Rip Esselstyn introduces the plant-based diet  
  and assembles his Sweet Potato Bowl.

A quick overview of making a yummy Sweet Potato Lasagna . Recipe is in the Engine 2 Diet Cookbook.