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Cooking Demos with Jane & Ann Esselstyn

Jane interviews her parents re: how to prepare greens.



I've tried several oat waffles and none of them are as good as this one. Easy to make and comes out crispy. 

Can you believe it?! Incredibly crispy hash browns without any oil, and they are GREAT! Ann and Jane Esselstyn will show you how. 

These wonderful party favorites are easy to make and are loved by all. Â But I never would have thought of dipping the collard leaves into boiling water just long enough to soften them and make them wrap better.


You don't need oil to fry. You can do it with water. Onions and mushrooms have enough of their own moisture. Try this! 


Hummus is a very healthy food, as it's main ingredient is garbanzos, which have very healthy properties. 

Just when you thought Potato Salad was off the list because of too much fat, here comes this delicious version. 


Sandwiches can be made healthy with hummus instead of mayonnaise, along with beans, greens, and lots of delicious vegetables

Is there anything Kale can't do? It's one of the healthiest green leafy vegetables. Ann and Jane show you how to make a Super Kale Salad.



There are SO many ways to make delicious veggie burgers out of healthy ingredients! Try lots of them. Use them in sandwiches, make sausage patty size ones for breakfast. 

These strawberries are a delicious appetizer that will amaze your guests.  

Getting foods crispy without oil seems almost impossible, until Jane and Ann get ahold the challenge.

This is a fast and easy way to add greens to your pasta. Top it with some marinara sauce and you're ready to go.

Adding mango to salads is about as delicious as it gets. Get your greens and mango together. What a great combination!!